Many licensed professionals are licensed in more than one profession and/or state. CE Broker has a solution for maintaining compliance for multiple licenses. 

In order to be eligible to manage additional licenses, the licenses must be a profession and state that we are currently tracking. 

In order to add an additional license online, through your CE Broker account you must be subscribed to a Professional or Concierge Account. Click here to learn more about how to upgrade.

The process to link licenses through a Professional or Concierge is simple. 

  1. Log into your CE Broker Professional or Concierge Account 
  2. You will see a (+) sign at the bottom of your homepage. To add an additional license you will click that (+) sign 
  3. Choose the first option that lists the states we currently track for. 
  4. Choose the desired state and enter the corresponding license number for that state.

To add an additional license to your Basic Account:

  1. Go to the CE Broker Support Center
  2. Live Chat, email, or call our customer experience team and they will add a license on your behalf.
  3. Allow 1-2 business days for the link request to be approved.
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