We offer two paid, subscription accounts:

The Professional Account
The Professional Account simplifies the renewal process by calculating your compliance for you. With a Professional Account, you have access to:

  • CE Compliance Transcript
  • Digital storage 
  • Email alerts for reported courses 
  • Multiple license tracking

The Concierge Account
The Concierge Account provides the same features as the Professional Account, with a lot more help from our Support staff. Your personal Account Manager will:

  • Report course completions
  • Help you find additional courses to take
  • Keep you updated with any changes or deadlines

To upgrade your account:

  • Login to your Basic Account 
  • Click on Account Info
  • Click Upgrade Account 
  • Confirm the email address and enter payment details

Upgrading to a Concierge from an Employer-Issued Professional Account
If you would like to upgrade to a Concierge Account from an employer-issued account, the ability to upgrade to Concierge is disabled. In order to upgrade to Concierge:

  • Click here to register for a personal Basic account
  • Once registration is complete and you are logged in, follow the instructions above

ProTip: When available, the 7-day trial will provide full access to the Professional Account for 7 days at no charge. 

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