Courses are reported into CE Broker the following ways:

  • If a course is completed with a Board-approved provider, they are required to report successful completion of the activity within 30 days. While the state allows them up to 30 days, many will report those courses within a week or two.  
  • A licensee can self-report their completed courses.  If there are multiple licenses attached to the account, choose the license number to which the course will be reported.

Pro Tip: If you have a Concierge Account, stop right there! You can send your completion certificates via fax, email, or US mail, and your account manager will report them for you.

1. When logged into CE Broker, click on Report CE (or Report Hours). 

2. Click the green Begin button to the right of the category that matches the course you're reporting.

3. Use your course completion certificate to fill out the course details over the next few screens. Once you get to the last screen, click the red Submit Now button. 

Depending on the level of subscription the licensee subscribes, additional reporting options might be available.

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