If you want to edit the details of a self-reported course, you need to delete the course, then re-report it.

Only self-reported courses can be deleted by the licensee.  If you need to delete a course that was reported by a CE provider, please contact the customer support center via email or LiveChat.

To delete a course:

  • Log into your CE Broker account
  • Click on My Records at the top of the screen 
  • Select Course History 
  • Find the course on the list that needs to be deleted
  • Click on the title of the course
  • If the Post CE Credit screen loads up, that course can be removed. To delete this course, click the Delete button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • A confirmation box will pop-up asking if the course should be deleted. After confirming the deletion, you'll be redirected to your updated Course History 
  • To start the reporting process again, click on Report CE at the top of the screen

Pro Tip: All deleted courses can be found at the bottom of your Course History page.

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