Although CE Broker does not offer continuing education, accessing our Course Search feature is an easy way to find board approved courses. 

You can start by selecting Course Search, from the menu bar. Should you already have a course in mind, you can use the search box to type in course by name, tracking number, or provider. 

Otherwise, the Course Search can be narrowed down by the use of filters. You can filter by:

  • Course type (1. Self-paced or 2. Live)
  • Providers 
  • Subject area
  • Delivery method

As you are reviewing search results, you also have the option to Sort By the following:

  • Relevance: takes several things into account such as how old a course is, the licensee ratings on the course, and how fast the course is reported to CE Broker once a licensee completes it.
  • CE Hours: lists the courses in ascending order by the amount of CE hours awarded.
  • Course Name: lists the courses by name in alphabetical order. 
  • Popularity: shows those most commonly selected by similar professionals.
  • Price: lists course from least to most expensive.  

To register for the course you’re interested in, click on the course to review relevant details. You will notice the activity details include course tracking number, title, state approval, subject area, CE hours, cost, and more. Clicking ‘Register for this Course’ will redirect you to that provider’s web page to enroll.  
Pro Tip: When you select a LIVE course, any additional offerings will display, to help you find the most convenient time, date, and location.  

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