An exemption reduces or eliminates the need to complete continuing education credits. To determine if you qualify for an exemption: 

  • Log into your CE Broker account 
  • Click Report CE (or Report Hours)
  • Click on the Report Exemptions tab
  • Click Learn More under the appropriate exemption 

The Learn More button will give a brief explanation about the exemption.  If you're curious about eligibility requirements, refer to your state Board website or contact them directly. 

Once you’ve determined you are eligible, click Begin to get started! 

Common exemptions: 

  • NCCPA certified Physician Assistants in Florida
  • Georgia registered nurses can be exempt because they have worked 500 hours and have signed verification of competency
  • Florida nurses who carry national certifications with "National Commission for Certifying Agencies" or "Accreditation Board of Specialty Nursing Certification"
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