To make it easier for you to access your account, the CE Broker mobile app is available for download from the Google Play Store.

With the Android app, you will have access to many of the features available on the CE Broker website, such as: 

  • Your license number, profession
  • License status 
  • Current licensing period 
  • Your CE Compliance status 

How to report a completed course 

  • Click the blue circle with the plus sign located in the lower righthand corner
  • Tap the CE category that matches the course that was completed
  • Enter all the details (found on the completion certificate)

Other features are also available, including:

  • CE Compliance Transcript:  A detailed view of renewal requirements and outstanding hours (only available on Professional Account or above)
  • Course History:  A list of all courses that have ever been reported to CE Broker under your license number
  • Course Search:  A list of board approved general courses from approved providers available for purchase 
  • Pending Attachments:  Where licensees return if they had reported a course via the website and opted to attach their certificates via the mobile app
  • CE Broker Contact:  Licensees can call the Support Center or email feedback directly
  • Account Details:  Review of account and license details.


  • Refresh the display: When logged into the app, press the screen and swipe down. This will cause the display to reload. This is useful if the app does not update immediately after reporting a new course.
  • Log out and log back in: Sometimes it might be necessary to log out of the app completely and close the program. Restarting the app and logging back in will solve many minor issues.
  • Uninstall and download again: If the app stops working and updating, it is possible that it might have become corrupted. After the app is completely uninstalled, download a brand new version. This will process will solve the majority of issues.

ProTip: The app currently supports the ability to report continuing education. To report exemptions or use a promo code, you will need to log in from a web browser.  


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