The Basic, Professional, and Concierge Accounts include a Course History that lists all of the courses reported to your CE Broker account. 

You will be able to clearly see: 

  • Course name
  • Date of completion
  • Number of hours
  • Educational provider name
  • License number

If your account tracks multiple licenses, there will be a column indicating which license number the course was reported to. For example, if you took a course that only gives credit for your medical license, only your medical license will be listed next to that course.

The Course History immediately notifies you if a course is not counting towards your continuing education. A warning message will display in an event where the course was not approved at the time of completion, not approved for your profession, or was taken outside your renewal period. 

Pro tip: If you have a Professional or Concierge Account, you can use the Course History as digital storage for your certificates of completion. Any course certificates uploaded will be kept safe, secure, and available when you need them. If you ever need proof of completion for an employer or national certification, simply login to CE Broker and click the green check mark to the far right under Course History to access the document. 

Document storage is not available with the Basic account, and does not include a link to your certificate of completion. 

Take advantage of document storage and activate your free trial of the Professional Account today.

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