Based on the courses reported to your CE Broker account, your compliance status will either reflect as Complete or Not Complete for the current license cycle.

If your compliance status says Complete, that means the courses reported to your CE Broker account have fulfilled the continuing education requirements for this license period. You can then proceed to your states website to continue your license renewal.

If your compliance status says Not Complete, then at least one continuing education requirement has not been satisfied. 

To figure out what's missing:

  • Go to your Board website to compare the list of required courses to your Course History.
  • Review the courses reported to your Course History for the current license period to ensure you have completed all required courses. 
  • If you find that courses you completed are missing, these hours can be self-reported. Click here for details on how to self-report. 

Don't want to manually calculate your compliance?  Activate your 7 day free trial or upgrade to a Professional Account which automatically calculates what CE you need to be complete. 

Professional Account users gain access to a personalized compliance transcript that will display your requirements (blue column), what you have completed (green column), and what hours are needed (red column).

ProTip: Once all required courses are reported to your CE Broker account, you will immediately show as Complete, and the states renewal portal will be updated automatically, regardless of account type.

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