Based on the courses reported to your CE Broker account, your compliance status will either reflect as Complete or Not Complete for the current license cycle.

My account says ‘Complete’
Congratulations! The courses reported to your CE Broker account have fulfilled the continuing education requirements for this license period. You can proceed to your state website to complete your license renewal.

My account says ‘Not Complete’
If your compliance status says Not Complete, that means one of two things: the CE you took hasn’t been reported yet, or you still have some requirements left to complete. Simply refer to your board requirements and compare them to your Course History to manually calculate what’s missing.

Once all required courses are reported to your CE Broker account, your status will immediately change to Complete, and you will be ready to renew directly with your board.

Need a hand tracking your required CE?
Activate your free trial of the Professional Account and unlock your CE Compliance Transcript, a powerful tool that calculates the specific courses you need in order to complete your requirements.

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