Employer-issued accounts provide access to CE Broker’s Professional Account benefits, including a personalized CE Compliance Transcript. 

To gain access to your employer-issued account, you’ll need your license number and email address your work has on file for you.

💡If you set up a CE Broker account in the past, please note that your employer account is completely separate and, as a result, has separate login credentials. Don't worry: All of the courses that you reported to your old account will automatically reflect in your new employer account. There's no need to report everything again!

Restricted Access Message

A "Restricted Access" message may appear if you attempt to access an employer-issued account from a company you no longer work with. In this case, if you would like to regain access to your transcript, you may create your own CE Broker Professional Account for $29/year.

If you are still employed by the company that provided your account, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team for assistance. You may also contact your employer's CE Coordinator or HR representative to verify your account status.

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