An exemption reduces or eliminates the need to complete continuing education courses. To report an exemption: 

1. Log in to your CE Broker account 

2. Click Report CE

Screenshot of a licensee account with an arrow pointing to the Report CE button in the top right corner.

3. Click on the Additional Options tab

4. Select the licensing period for which you are reporting the exemption.

💡 The dates you select will correspond with your current license cycle date. For example, if you need to renew your license on or before 04/30/2020 in order to be active through 04/30/2022, you'll report your exemption for the cycle 05/01/2018 - 04/30/2020. The date range you select should always be before your renewal deadline.

5. Click Learn More under the exemption options to find out more about each category and if you qualify

Screenshot of the Report Exemption page. An arrow points to the dropdown box where you can change the CE cycle dates. Another arrow points to a link that says Learn More.

6. Click Begin next to the appropriate option to report your exemption

7. Answer the questions as prompted and click Continue to advance the submission form. Depending on the type of exemption, be prepared to attach supporting documentation (ie: college transcript, national certification, etc.)

To check on the status of a reported exemption, view your CE Broker Course History. Approval times vary by board, so we recommend waiting at least one week for your request to process.

Screenshot of the course history page with the exemption tab highlighted. An exemption is listed with an Approved status.

Exemption Statuses

  • Approved: Your exemption has been applied and your requirements have updated accordingly.

  • Pending: Your exemption request has been routed to the Board for review. This status will change once the Board has made a decision.

  • Disapproved: The Board has denied your exemption request and your requirements have not been changed. Reach out to your Board directly with any questions.

  • Revoked: Exemptions that have been reported in error and removed at your request will remain on your exemptions tab with the "Revoked" status.

Common Exemptions

  • NCCPA-certified Physician Assistants in Florida

  • Verification of Competency and 500 Hours practice for Georgia Registered Nurses

  • Florida Nurses who carry national certifications with "National Commission for Certifying Agencies" or "Accreditation Board of Specialty Nursing Certification"

  • South Carolina Real Estate Commission licensees who are residents of another jurisdiction in which they completed their CE requirements.

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