To ensure you take the correct continuing education to meet your renewal requirements, use CE Broker’s Course Search. 

Know your courses will count

CE Broker’s Course Search is the only comprehensive directory of educational providers and courses approved for your profession. All educational providers listed in the course search are board approved and report directly to CE Broker. One less thing to worry about, and no self-reporting!

Filter your results to fit your needs

Simply enter your location and profession, then browse the most up-to-date list of appropriate courses available from thousands of educational providers. Search by course name, your favorite educational provider, price, popularity, subject area, and so much more!

Unsure if a course or provider is approved for your profession or by your board?

If you took a course that is not listed in our course search, contact the company directly to find out how they are approved. We can only speak to the approval status of educational providers listed in our course search.

Finding a course

Ready to start taking courses? Here's how to use the Course Search:

1. Log in to your CE Broker account.

2. Click on Find CE/CME at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of a licensee account page. An arrow points to a link at the top that says Find CE CME

3. The course search will automatically search for Board-approved courses for your state and profession. Check the Top Picks section for courses that we've vetted for quality and highly recommend.

Screenshot of the course history page. The top picks section shows some course bundles for this profession.

4. Looking for a specific subject area? Click on Filters.

An arrow points to a button that says Filters on the left side of the screen.

5. Look under Subject Area to find a list of subjects that may be required by your Board. Select the subject area you're looking for, then click Apply.

Screenshot of the filters window on the course search page. The subject area section is highlighted. An arrow points to a button that says Apply.

💡Toggle the Take it Here option to only see courses that can be taken directly from within your CE Broker account!

6. Once you've applied a filter, the Course Search page will automatically refresh to show you all of the courses your Board has approved to fulfill your selected subject area requirement.

No CE Broker Account? No Problem!

If you have not received a state license yet, you will be unable to register for a CE Broker account. Not to worry--you can still use the Course Search by going to and clicking on Find CE/CME, or by clicking here. Select the state and the profession that you need to take CE for, then follow the steps outlined above.

Note: At this time, you will be unable to use the Take it Here option without an account.

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