Sometimes, you may find that you need to delete a course from your account. This can be if you accidentally reported a duplicate course, entered inaccurate hours, or reported a course in error.

If you want to edit the details of a self-reported course, you need to delete the course, then re-report it.

💡 Only self-reported courses can be deleted by the licensee. 

If you need to delete a course that was reported by a continuing education provider, just contact our Support Team at To expedite the process, please include your full name, license number, email address, and the full name and completion date of the course you want to be removed.

To delete a self-reported course:

1. Log into your CE Broker account

2. Scroll down to view your Course History 

3. To the far right of your self-reported courses, you will see three dots: “...”

Screenshot of a course history page. An arrow points to an ellipsis to the far right of a course name.

Note: If you do not see the dots next to your courses, then they were reported by the educational providers and you will be unable to delete them manually.

⭐️ Professional and Concierge account users will see dots next to all of their courses with additional options. If you do not see the option to delete a course, then it was reported by the educational provider and you will be unable to delete it manually.

4. Click on the dots next to the course that needs to be deleted, then click Delete Course.

The course will immediately be removed from your Course History and Transcript.  All deleted courses can be found under the Removed tab of your Course History.

Screenshot of the course history with an arrow pointing to a tab that says Removed.

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