Uploading and storing certificates is a popular feature only available to Professional and Concierge account subscribers. With this feature, you can go back and attach certificates to courses already listed in your Course History so you’ll never lose track of them.

How to upload a certificate:

1. Log in to your CE Broker account

2. Scroll down to view your Course History

3. To the far right of every course, you will see three dots: “...”

Screenshot of a licensee's course history. An arrow points to an ellipsis to the far right of a course name.

4. Click on the dots next to any course and select Add Attachments

5. A small window will pop up and prompt you to attach your course completion certificate

Screenshot of the window that appears when you click Add Attachments.

6. Once it's uploaded, simply close the window to return to your Course History

💡 Certificates can be saved to your computer at any time. Find out how.

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