Available to Professional and Concierge account members only, your CE Compliance Transcript is the quickest way to know what your requirements are, what courses have been reported for you, and what you still need to complete. 

Some professions have requirements that change with each renewal; for example, you may be required to take Recognizing Impairment every other renewal and Domestic Violence every third. Your personalized Transcript keeps track of this information so you'll never have to wonder which requirements apply to you.

If a subject area is not required for your upcoming renewal, it will be clearly labeled on your transcript:

Example of a subject area that may appear on your transcript. The transcript states that the subject area is not required for this cycle. It displays 0 hours required.

Required subject areas will show you exactly how many hours need to be completed. There will also be a link for you to view Board-approved courses.

Example of a required subject area that may appear on your transcript. An arrow points to a button that says View Courses.

Once all of your requirements have been fulfilled, your Transcript will display 100% Complete and you can enjoy the peace of mind that you will be able to renew your license with ease. If it displays Not Complete, simply click Show me what I'm missing to be directed to your requirements. You will be able to see exactly how many hours you have left to complete, including any specific subject areas.

Screenshot of a licensee home page. An arrow points to a button that says Show me What I'm Missing.

The Transcript also includes a visual gauge of your progress and a Did You Know section with helpful hints about your renewal requirements.

Example of a transcript. A section with extra information is circled.

You can easily save or print your transcript by clicking on the three dots (...) next to the Transcript Cycle. You will be given the options Print Transcript or Export to PDF.

An arrow is pointing to the ellipsis next to the transcript cycle date.

💡If you need to save a copy of your transcript to your computer, select the Export to PDF option.

Click on the date range displayed under Transcript Cycle to access your records from other renewal periods.

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