The Basic, Professional, and Concierge Accounts include a Course History that lists all of the courses reported to your CE Broker account. It gives you the ability to filter your courses by date, search by course name, download certificates, and delete inaccurate course listings.

At a glance, the course history clearly displays: 

  • Course name

  • Date of completion

  • Number of hours

Screenshot of a licensee's course history page. Arrows point to the course name and completion date.

Clicking on a course will provide additional details, such as:

  • Profession and subject area to which the hours were awarded

  • Submission date

  • Name of the educational provider

  • Any certificates or documentation uploaded to our system

Screenshot of additional course information. Arrows point to the profession and subject area, submission date, educational provider, and course certificate.

Warning Messages

Your Course History immediately notifies you if a course is not counting towards your continuing education. A warning message will display in an event where the course was not approved at the time of completion, not approved for your profession, or was taken outside your renewal period. 

These messages appear as a yellow triangle (⚠️) on the Course History.

Screenshot of a course appearing on the course history with a yellow triangle next to the name.

Clicking on the course will explain why the hours are not being counted.

Screenshot of the additional course information. A message highlighted in yellow states that the course was completed outside of the renewal period.

Sometimes, a course may display on your Course History with zero hours. Click here for additional information.

Downloading Certificates

Certificates that have been uploaded to our system can be saved to your computer from your Course History page.

To retrieve a certificate, locate the course in question in your Course History. Courses are listed in reverse chronological order. You can use the search bar to type in the name of the course you are looking for. Filters are also available to search for courses in a specific date range.

Screenshot of the course history page with the search bar highlighted

Once you locate the course, click on it to view the course details and scroll down. If a certificate is attached, you can click on the downward arrow to save it to your computer.

Screenshot of a course with a certificate attached. The attachments section indicates that there's 1 attachment. An arrow points to the download button.

If there is no certificate attached, you will see Attachments (0). This means we do not have your documentation in our system. In this case, if you need a copy of the certificate, you would need to reach out to the educational provider.

Screenshot of a course with no certificate attached. The attachment section states that no attachments were found.

Editing/Deleting Courses

If a course was reported to your account in error or with inaccurate information, you can use the Course History to remove it. Click here for more information.

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