If you need to report completions for a long list of licensees, you may not want to report them one at a time. In this case, you can create an Excel Spreadsheet to report multiple licensees at once.  

1. Log into your CE Broker Provider account and click on Courses.

Screenshot of the provider dashboard with an arrow pointing to the Courses link on the left.

2. Locate the course from your list. Once you find it you will click on Manage Roster.

Screenshot of the course list with an arrow pointing to the Manage Roster button.

3. On the Manage Roster page, click on Upload.

Screenshot of the Roster page with an arrow pointing to the Upload button.

4. Decide which of the Excel Uploads are applicable to what you are reporting. The two options are awarding Partial Credit and Full Credit. The setup for the Excel Spreadsheet varies slightly between the two options.  

To view the Excel format details, click More… below the corresponding option.

Screenshot of the Roster upload page. Arrows point to the Learn More sections for Full and Partial credit Excel files.

Another page will open containing the instructions on setting up your Excel Spreadsheet. 

5. Once the Excel Spreadsheet is successfully created, you can either click on the box that says Drag and Drop file or click here and search for the file in your computer, or you can simply drag and drop the file into this box.

Screenshot of the Roster Upload page. An arrow points to the area that you can click on to browse for your Excel file. You can also drag and drop your file into the same area.

6. Click Post and the hours will be awarded.

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