Report Course Completions

To accommodate the large variety of educational providers using CE Broker, a wide range of methods is available to report course completions. Options include direct online entry, file uploads, and system-to-system interfaces.

You do not have to commit to a single method. You can employ any number of methods at any time. For instance, you can upload an Excel file of attendees and then go in manually to "input by license #" to add the person you forgot on the upload. Another example is you can upload an Excel file of attendees receiving full credit and then go in manually to "input by license #" to add the 2 attendees receiving partial credit. You don’t have to stick with the same method.

With any method, you may view your roster history online.

With CE Broker, you don’t need to download any software. Transmitting your data is performed via the Internet. You won’t need CDs, diskettes, or to mail anything.

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Educational Provider Issuing Credits

When completed course credit is posted, employees and subscribing licensees will be notified via Message box (and e-mail if requested) of the educational provider's name, course name and date completed. Multiple methods may be used. It is not necessary to commit to one method.

Available Only Via Employer Services

  • Enrollment Log - Prebuilt Roster
  • Employee Name Roster
  • Input by License # or Employee ID
  • Community Roster
  • Upload Employee IDs Excel File
  • Upload Employee IDs Excel File and Dates
  • Upload Barcode Attendance File
  • Magnetic Card Upload
  • Adopt a course
  • Courses Taken Elsewhere (current employees)
  • Newly Hired Employee (courses taken elsewhere)
  • Post internal credit by subject area (report CE credit)
  • Report on Behalf of licensee (submit outside credit)

Associations reporting on behalf of approved Educational Providers

Florida Statute 456.025(7) requires educational providers approved by the Florida Department of Health to electronically submit course completions. All course credit should be reported within thirty (30) days following completion by the licensee(s). Submissions over thirty (30) days are considered late.

The Florida Statewide Public Guardianship Office requires all credit to be fully submitted no more than fourteen (14) business days following conclusion of the program.

The District of Columbia Board of Nursing requests all educational providers report course completions within ninety (90) days.

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