Input By License Number

When you only have a few attendees to report at a time, inputting by license number is a good option. With this course completion reporting method, you type each attendee’s license number directly into your roster.

You might also like to know you can combine course completion submission options. For instance:

  • You’ve uploaded a file of attendees and realize you’ve left three of them off the upload. You could input them by license number.

  • You’ve uploaded a file of all the attendees that received full credit. Two of the attendees did not complete the program in full, so you could input their license number and use the “partial credit” link to award the lesser hours.

💡Need to report multiple licensees at once? Learn how to make an Excel roster.

To Manually Input License Numbers:

1. Log into your CE Broker Provider Account.

2. Click on Courses on the left.

3. Scroll through your course list or use the Search function to find the course you need to report credit for.

4. Click Manage Roster.

Screenshot of the course list page with an arrow pointing to the Manage Roster button.

5. Click + Add at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of a roster screen with an arrow pointing to the Add button

6. Type in the attendee's license number under the Create Roster section on the left. Click Save when you're finished.

Screenshot of the Create Roster section with arrows pointing to the License Number section and the Save button.

💡If a licensee received full credit for the course, there is no need to type in any hours. The system will automatically award them full credit. You only need to type in the hours if they received partial credit.

7. After clicking Save, the licensee will appear on a list. You can Edit or Remove them if needed.

Screenshot of a license number that has been input successfully.

8. Once you've finished manually inputting license numbers, click on Post to submit them to your Roster. ⚠️After this step, you will not be able to manually edit or delete any of your entries, so make sure you check over them before posting!

Screenshot of a successfully listed licensee with an arrow pointing to the Post button.

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