Web Services (system-to-system)

The CE Broker system utilizes a Microsoft .NET Web Services interface that enables CE Providers to directly connect to the database and upload their data in real-time. These data objects will take the form of XML "messages" sent to the system.

This real-time solution is available to any developers who have the ability to use Microsoft .NET Web References, HTTP form posts with text variables, or multi-part form uploads.

Note: If these XML Messages are too large to process during business hours, CE Broker reserves the right to suspend the processing of the message until an appropriate time. The receipt XML message will be made available the next business day.

The XML messages used by the CE Broker Web Services can be generated in any system or text editing program; however, the best results will be obtained when they are created programmatically, i.e. through software designed for this purpose. Sample XML files and specification spreadsheets are listed below. The XML file should not exceed 16 MB.

1.) Report Completed Course Credit

It is not necessary to automate any of the other data types to report completed course credit via Web Services. The course, etc. can be input via the web interface. Courses routing for approval require manual input.


This is example includes reporting full credit as well as reporting partial credit :

2.) Register Courses and Add Locations or Publishings.

Only courses that do not route to a Board for approval are eligible for Web Services.

XML COURSE FORMAT information :

This is an example :


Locations are usually uploaded only if you wish to advertise your course dates/locations in the licensee course search.


This is an example :


Publishing your courses advertises the date/location of each of your offerings in the licensee course search.


This is an example :

3.) Validate Licenses

We can also validate a license via web services. This would be beneficial if you need to verify license details before officially reporting the course completion.

How to set up Web Services:

If you are interested in setting up Web Services, please have your IT Department send a written request to our Support Team support@cebroker.com.

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