Workflow When Using Multiple Data Types

With system-to-system XML Messaging, educational providers create XML messages to upload data to CE Broker. The following is the order of transmittal when all data elements are automated:

  1. If the one system is reporting for a number of educational providers, Child Providers would be sent first. Newly generated educational provider IDs can then be used to upload further data.

  2. Course XML messages would be the second data type transmitted. The newly generated course tracking numbers can then be used to upload publishings and rosters.

  3. Using the Course tracking numbers, Course Publishings can be uploaded. Publishings make course dates and locations available to licensees using the course search.

  4. Course Rosters upload course completion credit.

Once the initial data upload is complete, the educational provider may integrate this messaging system enabling Courses and Rosters to be transmitted as they are entered into the internal system.

At any time in this workflow educational providers can use the License Validation Web Service to validate the license numbers of licensees that have completed or will be completing their courses. This service has proven to be very effective in lowering the number of errors received when uploading course completion credit. Some educational providers have been using this to validate license numbers in real-time as the licensee is entering them into their training systems.

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