Florida License Validation: A Free Service to Educational Providers

Mistakes happen. Sometimes a Florida licensee might give you an incorrect license number when registering for your course, and you no way of knowing until you receive an error when reporting their credit.

With Florida License Validation, an instant online communication occurs with CE Broker to check if a license number is valid when it is entered on your website. The Internet-based license validation is made possible when your system developers use XML Web service to communicate system-to-system. The CE Broker system would respond whether the Florida license number received is valid and, if valid, provide the licensee name on record.

Think of it as a credit card transaction. You go to the gas station and, before you actually start pumping, your credit card is validated at the pump. It is the same with the license validation. While the licensee is registering for your course, the CE Broker system can respond instantly to your online validation request, ensuring that the license number is correct before they begin.

The license validation is a service specifically for educational providers. A different service is available to employers that provide primary source ongoing license verification.

Ongoing License Status Verification: A Service to Registered Employers

The CE Broker Ongoing License Status Verification is an exclusive service available to registered employers. At a cost of 45 cents per month per licensee, this service provides:

  • Primary source verification

  • Proactive "push" notification of license status changes

  • List of license expiration dates

  • List of license statuses

  • License/employee history

  • The ability to archive former employees

STOP Filing Paper - No need to inquire on the MQA screen one-by-one and file in each employee's file.

Primary Source verification for Joint Commission surveys

  • Favorable opinion from the Joint Commission

  • Meets elements of performance effective July 1, 2005

  • Successful survey of a healthcare facility using electronic verification

Primary Source for AHCA surveys

  • Satisfies survey procedures regarding verifying licensure on a continual basis

Re-draft your internal policy for the newly available electronic verification.

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