As an educational provider, you may need to reapply to boards periodically in order to continue offering courses to their licensees. CE Broker has streamlined this process for you, giving you a direct line to boards in order to fast-track your application.

To reapply with a Board:

1. Log in to your account and click on Boards.

2. Locate the Board you need to reapply with and click Renew Application.

Screenshot of a provider account displaying the list of approving Boards. Arrows point to the Renew Application button next to each applicable board.

💡 You can only renew within 120 days before your approval expires. If the Renew Application button is grayed out, try again at a later date. Make sure you check the Approval Period listed under each Board to find out when your approval expires.

3.  Follow the application process until you get to the end where you will click Finish and pay any applicable fees.

Pro Tips:
✅ Check your account notifications to ensure the Board you applied to is not requesting any additional information. 

✅ Check your application status anytime by logging into your CE Broker Provider Account.

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