To add new presentation dates to a live course:

  1. Log in to your CE Broker Provider account.

  2. Click on the Courses link on the left.

  3. Locate the course that needs to be updated and click View Summary.

  4. Scroll down to locate the Offerings section and click Edit.

  5. Add the date of your new presentation. If you're hosting a conference that spans multiple days, use the calendars to select the start and end dates. If this is a one-day presentation, select the same date on both calendars.

  6. Enter the price. Check the box labeled Free if there is no charge.

  7. Select the location, if applicable. Click Create New Location to add a new location to your drop-down menu if necessary.

  8. Click Add Offering to add the new offering date to your course.

Watch a 1-minute demonstration of this process:

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