Your course needs some content before it can be published on the CEB Now marketplace.  

Content is the meat and potatoes of your course.  It’s the educational material that licensees will read, watch, and listen to in order to learn and earn credit.

To add content to a course:

  1. Log in to your account, and click the Courses tab.

  2. Locate the course you want to add content to, and click Manage Course. Notice the course Overview Page automatically populates with the information you input when registering your course in CE Broker.  You can edit this text, if needed.

  3. Click Add New on the bottom left and select Page.

    4. Add a page title and begin writing your course content.  

Pro tips

  • If your content exists already, simply copy and paste the existing text.

  • Break up your course content over a series of pages by topics, chapters, etc.  

  • Format your course text and add media for maximum comprehension.  

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