Do you have a live course with the same title but every time you offer the course the content is different? This is what we call a series. For example, you may offer a weekly "Cancer Series" where a different patient is discussed in each session. From week to week, the course content would be different. Instead of creating a new course in CE Broker for each session, you can create a Series Course.

Indicating that your live course is a Series on CE Broker allows licensees to receive credit for each session they attend even if their regulating entity does not typically allow them to take the same course multiple times. Credit is granted as if the participant attended a different course on each date a session is offered.

💡Some regulating boards/councils do not allow licensees to receive credit for taking the same course more than once within the same biennium. Typically, in these cases, if a licensee takes the same course multiple times, it can only count once toward their requirements. The concern of these boards/councils is that licensees complete varying continuing education. Since Series courses do not repeat the same course content each time, they are not viewed as duplicates by these boards/councils.

To create a Series course on CE Broker:

1. Log into your CE Broker provider account and click the Courses link on the far left.

Screenshot of the provider dashboard with an arrow pointing to the courses link.

2. On the courses page, a second menu will appear. Click on + New Course.

Screenshot of the provider course list page with an arrow pointing to the New Course link.

3. Proceed through Steps 1-3 as normal by reviewing the Board requirements, entering in the basic course information, and selecting the delivery method.
💡Note: In order to indicate that your course is a series, the delivery method must be live.

4. On Step 4, Advanced Delivery Method, you will be asked if the course is a Series or if it has Concurrent Sessions. Click on Yes under Series.

Screenshot of Step 4 on an example course application. The word yes is highlighted under the series question.

5. Proceed through the remaining steps as normal. Once you have reviewed the course information, click on Finish to submit your event to the selected Board(s) for approval.

⚠️If a licensee's regulating entity does not allow duplicate courses and your course is not marked as a series, they will not receive credit for attending multiple sessions.

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