When viewing your Professional or Concierge transcript, you may notice a warning symbol ⚠️ next to some of your courses. The hours applied might be lower than you expected or even zero.

Screenshot of a transcript with a course marked with a warning symbol.

Hovering your cursor over this symbol will reveal helpful information about how your hours are being applied.

The same transcript now shows a black text box above the warning symbol. The text box says that the hours were posted to a prior license cycle.

If you're not sure what these messages mean for your hours, here is an overview of some common notifications:

⚠️ Hours not Applied. Posted to Prior License Cycle

This message appears when the system detects a shortage of hours from a previous renewal period. If required by your Board, the system will automatically begin allocating hours to the previous cycle before applying them to your current transcript. Any courses that are impacted will be marked with this notification.

Screenshot of the Medical Errors section of a transcript. The course completed is displaying zero hours. The warning message states that the hours were posted to a prior license cycle.

💡 Even if you completed your requirements and renewed your license for the previous period, your Board may require that the records be posted on CE Broker before allowing you to proceed with your current renewal.

Example: If you see this message appear next to a Medical Errors course on your 2018-2020 transcript, check the transcript from your previous renewal (2016-2018). You will likely notice we don't have a record of a Medical Errors course completed between 2016 and 2018, causing the system to apply your new course to that period. As a result, the Medical Errors course listed on your 2018-2020 transcript will display reduced/zero hours, along with the "posted to prior license cycle" message.

How to fix it: In the example above, if you had indeed completed a Medical Errors course for the 2016-2018 period, all you would need to do is report it to your account. The system will adjust your hours automatically. If you find you did not, in fact, complete that requirement for the 2016-2018 period (or if you cannot find your documentation), you would need to take an additional Medical Errors course to satisfy the 2018-2020 requirement.

If you need help figuring out where the shortage is or have questions about how your hours are being applied, please don't hesitate to reach out!

⚠️ Carried over to General for x hours

This indicates that you received more hours than needed in a particular subject area. Since that subject area requirement is satisfied, the excess hours will count toward your General requirement.

Example: If you have a two-hour Ethics requirement, you might fulfill the requirement with a single 2-hour Ethics course. If you end up taking another 5-hour Ethics course, you'll notice that your transcript would display 0 hours next to the extra 5-hour course (indicating that it's not counting toward your Ethics requirement), along with the message that it's being carried over to General.

Screenshot of an Ethics section of a transcript. An ethics course displays zero hours. A message indicates that it has been carried over to General for 5 hours.

⚠️ Carried over from [subject area]

This message corresponds with the previous one. You will typically see this message next to courses in the General section of your transcript that have been carried over from other subjects.

Example: The 5-hour Ethics course from the previous example would now be displayed under the General category. This time, you will see five hours applied instead of zero, along with the message that it was carried over from the Ethics subject area.

The Ethics course from the previous example is now applying under the General section of a transcript. All 5 hours are being displayed along with the message that they have been carried over from Ethics.

⚠️ Completed Already on this Transcript

Some Boards do not allow licensees to complete the same course multiple times within a single renewal period. When the system detects a duplicate (whether or not it was completed on the same date), it will display zero hours on the transcript along with this notification.

Example of a transcript displaying the same Medical Errors course that was completed on two separate dates. One of the courses displays 0 hours and a message indicates that it was already completed on this transcript.

💡 If your Board allows you to take the same course multiple times within a single renewal period, you will not see this message next to duplicates on your transcript. If you notice a duplicate that should not be there, you will need to manually delete it.

⚠️ Maximum Hours Restriction by Self Submit Category

Some Boards also have restrictions on the number of hours licensees can submit for certain activities, such as reading journal articles, teaching courses, or providing Pro Bono services. If you exceed the maximum number of hours allowed for such activities, any excess hours will no longer apply and this notification will appear.

Example of a convention listed on a transcript with 0 hours. A message indicates that it hit the maximum hours restriction by self submit category.

💡 Clicking on "Learn More" under a reporting option on the Report CE page will let you know if there are any restrictions for that particular option.

⚠️ Excess Hours Not Applied

This message, when not accompanied by any of the above, means that you exceeded the number of hours required by your Board for a particular subject area and they cannot be applied elsewhere.

Example of a transcript showing self-study courses marked with 0 hours. A message indicates that the excess hours are not applied.

Example: If your Board requires you to take a total of 20 hours, 5 of which must be live, the system will automatically stop counting your online/home study courses once you've hit the maximum of 15. In this scenario, any additional online/home study hours you complete will appear on your transcript with reduced/zero hours along with this message. That is because, in this example, the remaining 5 hours must be live and no amount of home study courses can fulfill that requirement.

⚠️ Simultaneously Posting to Multiple Subject Areas

Some Boards allow licensees to use a single course to fulfill multiple requirements. When this happens, the course will appear in more than one section on your transcript and be marked with this message.

Example: If you were required to take a certain number of live General hours as well as 2 hours of Medical Errors, a Medical Errors course that you attend in person could count toward both requirements. In this case, you would see the course listed under the Medical Errors section of your transcript as well as the General section. This is because the Board is recognizing that you did indeed complete your Medical Errors requirement while also acknowledging that the hours count toward your live General requirement.

💡 It's important to note that the hours themselves are not being counted multiple times: if you take a 2-hour course that is simultaneously posting to 2 different subject areas, you will not count a total of 4 hours. If you're required to take a total of 20 hours, a 2-hour course that is simultaneously posting to multiple subject areas would still only count as 2 credits and you would have 18 hours remaining.

⚠️ Hours Used for Reactivation of License

If your license was previously inactive, you may see courses listed on your transcript for zero hours, along with the message that they were used for license reactivation.

If you have hours that are marked as having been used to reactivate your license, then they cannot be used again for your renewal. They display as 0 hours on the transcript to indicate that they are not counting toward your requirements and additional courses will need to be taken.

💡 If your license is currently inactive, reach out to your regulating entity for specific instructions and requirements for reactivation.

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