When reporting courses to CE Broker, your state may require you to upload a copy of your certificate of completion. Here's how:

1. You need a copy of your certificate saved to your computer before you begin. If the educational provider sent you a digital certificate, all you need to do is download/save it to your computer. If you have a hard copy, you will either need to scan or take a picture of it.

💡Reporting from your phone? Try using the mobile app!

2. Begin reporting your CE. After you enter all of the course information as prompted, you will reach a screen that says Attachments.

Screenshot of the Attachments page.

3. Depending on your regulating entity, you may see up to three different options on this page. Click on Attach Document.

3. Under the Attach Document button, you will now see a section that says Drag and Drop or Browse.

Screenshot of the Attachments page. A section that says Drag and Drop or Browse is now visible under the Attach Document button.

4. If you choose to drag your file, you should drop it into this area. Otherwise, simply click on Browse.

5. A smaller window will then pop up, displaying the files that are saved on your computer. You may need to navigate to different folders in order to find your certificate, depending on where you saved it. Once you locate your certificate, click on it. Then click Open.

6. You will then see the name of your file listed at the bottom of the "Drag and Drop or Browse" section. You may also notice a blue loading bar.

Screenshot of a file listed in the drag and drop or browse section. An arrow points to a blue loading bar.

7. You must wait for the loading bar to disappear before continuing. When your file has been successfully attached, you will see "1 file attached" under the Attach Document button.

8. Click Continue to proceed to the final step of the reporting process. If the file was not successfully attached, you will receive an error stating that you need to attach documents.

Once your CE is submitted, you'll be able to go back and retrieve your certificate at any time!

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