We do not offer our own educational content.

Our focus is connecting regulating agencies, licensees, and educators in a single unified platform that helps simplify the burden of complying with educational requirements. We do not offer our own content, as that could compromise the neutrality of our service.

We do not participate in decisions related to approving or accrediting providers or content.

While we do offer best-in-class software for state boards and other accreditation bodies to manage the process of approving educators and content, we never participate in their decision-making processes or share our revenues related to premium programs.

We present course listings according to our scoring guidelines.

With more than 300,000 courses within CE Broker, we must necessarily determine which results will appear at the top of every search. CE Broker does this by organizing results according to the perceived value of the courses to the particular licensee. Ad programs are also available, to distinguish certain listings from general results.

We do not sell or distribute content, attendance records, or any other data unless authorized by an educational provider, required by law, or as necessary to perform our services.

CE Broker works with over a hundred different regulatory agencies, and well over 10,000 educational providers. Selling or distributing the data of an individual provider agency would violate the trust in our platform globally.

We do not represent that we are the sole marketplace for continuing education courses.

Our course search is industry-leading, and an extremely helpful repository, but it’s not the only way to find continuing education content. Licensees are free to purchase content elsewhere, and should always verify that the course content matches the rules and standards established by their regulatory agency.

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