Do you have a CPE Monitor account with The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)?

CPE Monitor is a tracking system that is offered through the NABP that allows pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians a place to store and track any CE activity that is ACPE approved.

From within your CPE Monitor account, you are able to generate a CE transcript that reflects all CE activities that have been completed within the date range requested.

It is important to note that even though you may see some activities that have been reported to both your CPE Monitor transcript AND CE Broker (depending on the individual CE provider's accreditation), your CE tracking profile with CPE Monitor through the NABP is completely separate from CE Broker and CPE Monitor does NOT report directly to CE Broker.

Can I utilize the hours on my CPE Monitor transcript towards my Florida renewal and how do I self report my CPE Monitor transcript to CE Broker?

Have no fear. Even though CPE Monitor does not report directly to CE Broker, depending on your individual profession, the Florida Board of Pharmacy DOES allow you to utilize CE that is ACPE approved towards your Florida renewal and the Board has made the reporting process for reporting your CPE Monitor transcript to CE Broker super easy.

In order to report your CPE Monitor hours to your CE Broker account, please follow the below steps:

1.) Review your CE Broker account and your CPE Monitor transcript. Some providers that are registered with the Florida Board of Pharmacy may have already reported your hours to both your CE Broker account, as well as your NABP profile. To avoid counting activities twice, you will want to disregard any activities listed on your CPE Monitor transcript that have already been reported to your CE Broker account.

2.) You will then want to add up all of the live hours and all of the home study hours separately for your current Florida renewal cycle dates.

  • To determine if the activity is approved to offer 'live" or 'home' hours, look at the columns on the far right hand side of your CPE Monitor transcript. Depending on if the activity is approved for live or home study credit, the amount of hours will be listed under said column.

  • Alternatively, you can look at the individual ACPE approval number. Any activity that is approved for 'live' hours will have a 'L' in the ACPE approval number and any activity that is approved for 'home' hours will have a 'H' in the ACPE approval number.

Example of a live activity:


Example of a home study activity:


3.) Report the total amount of live hours and the total amount of home study hours separately within your CE Broker account by using the corresponding reporting option. To do this, log into your CE Broker account, click on Report CE, and then find the applicable reporting option.

Please note: Due to the fact CE Broker will prompt you to enter only one date of completion, make sure to use the date of completion of the most recently completed activity for each category.

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