You log into your CE Broker account, check your account compliance, and you see the bright green checkmark with the message 'Complete' next to it. What's next?

First off, CONGRATULATIONS! Based on our records, you have met all CE/CME requirements for the associated renewal cycle listed on your transcript.

The next step in the process is to renew your license with your regulating agency (e.g. Florida Department of Health, Ohio Board of Social Work, New Mexico Board of Nursing, ect.).

To do this you will want to proceed to your individual state licensing website and renew your license directly with your regulating agency. It is during this step of the renewal process where you will verify your personal information and pay any associated fees directly to your state board. Once this step is complete, your license will be OFFICIALLY renewed.

Please note: CE Broker's system is integrated with your board. Once you are complete within your CE Broker account, your regulating agency will be able to view your compliance immediately.

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