Activating a new CE Broker account is a simple automated process. However, in the process of entering the request information, you might run into the red warning message, “license number not found.” It probably looks like this:

There are two main reasons why this message might display:

1.) The website is looking at the wrong state.

CEBroker currently tracks professions for more than 100 regulating boards and agencies. However, if the automated system is assuming the wrong state, it might think your license number does not exist.

To ensure the website gathers your correct license number, you can click PLANS at the top of the screen:

When the PLANS page load up, there is a blue hyperlink in the middle of the page to “Select Your Location”.

If you click the down arrow, you can select the appropriate state, country, or National/Certifying Board. Once the appropriate option is selected, click the green SAVE AND CONTINUE button at the bottom of the screen.

You will now be able to select the 7-Day Free Trial, Concierge Account, or free Basic account. This time, when prompted for your license number, the system will match your license number and state!

2.) The License number is not complete.

Unfortunately, there is not a universal standard for license numbers. Formatting can vary for state-to-state, agency-to-agency. When typing in your license number, the license number needs to be added exactly as it appears with the state. That includes all numbers, letters, spaces, and punctuation.


  • Missing numbers

  • Missing letters

  • Missing punctuation

  • Missing qualifiers

If you are not sure of your actual license number formatting, you should contact your regulating board for confirmation.

If you have confirmed the license number is correct but it is still not found, please contact our support team for further assistance.

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