CE Broker is proud to announce that we now have a Delete Roster Entry feature within ProviderSuite!

With this new roster management feature, education provider Admin Users are able to delete and restore roster entries on their own without having to contact our Support Center. This helps provide our educational providers with more autonomy, which will in turn allow them to continue managing their business as efficiently as possible.

In order to delete a roster, you will want to login to your CE Broker ProviderSuite and go to the Courses page. From there, click on Manage Roster to view the roster for a given course. If you are an Admin User on your account, you will see the option to Delete entry on the right side of the individual entry on a roster.

You will also notice that there are now two sections at the top of the roster: a tab for All entries on the roster, and a Deleted tab. This allows the Admin User to toggle between the entire roster, and licensees that have been deleted from said roster.

You are also able to view the Change history for a licensee. To do this, simply click on the Deleted link within the individual licensee entry. Please note, in the event that the licensee has been "restored" to the roster, you will see a Restored link within the licensee entry. To view the Change history in this situation, you will want to click on the Restored link.

Important! The Delete entry button is only available to Admin Users in ProviderSuite. To change a user type, the Administrator can update any user type under the Users page in ProviderSuite.

Please contact the Support Center support@cebroker.com if you have any questions or experience issues using this new feature.

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