Adding New Boards to Your Existing Courses

Are you an Educational Provider that has courses setup with some boards but want to add the other boards, that you are approved by, to these courses as well?  Follow the steps below to get these additional board approvals added to your courses. 

You can only add additional boards for those Boards in which you are already approved.  If you do not yet have approval, as an educational provider, from a particular board and want to add this board to your courses see the following link for instructions on seeking approval from other boards:

  1. Log into your CE Broker Provider Account you will click on Courses.

2. Locate the course which you would like to add a Board Approval you will click on the View Summary button.

3. From the Course Summary page you will locate and click the + Add Boards button.

4. Identify the board(s) you’d like to add, to this course, from the list of boards of which you are already approved. Click on the board to view the Course Application Requirements.  This information will list what will be needed in order to add this board to your course.  Once you are ready to proceed you will click Next.

5. Submit the course information. The system will navigate you through a series of 6 more sections where you will plug in the requested information. This process will be very similar to what you may have done when you originally set up this course. You will follow this process to the end by clicking Next after every section is complete.

Application Sections Overview

  • Subject Area:  This section will allow you to enter the amount of hours you will be awarding, to each profession, under the boards you are adding.
  • Questions/Smart Questions:  If the board(s) you have selected have any specific qualifying questions they will be answered in these two subsequent sections.
  • Instructors:  If required, this will be the section that you will add/associate any instructors facilitating this course.  
  • Attachments:  If required, this will be where you can upload any pertinent documentation necessary for course approval. 
  • Review:  Prior to clicking Finish you will be able to review all of the information/documentation you entered.  You can go back to any section that needs editing from here.

Pro Tip 1: If you click Next and it skips a section altogether, then that means the board does not require this information and you are free to move on.

Pro Tip 2: Some courses will be registered automatically and will be available immediately, whereas some boards will have to approve the course.  If your Board Request is placed in the “Pending” status, be sure to check your CE Broker Account periodically to ensure the board has not requested any additional information from you.

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