How do I add a new user or change the settings of an existing user?

To add a new user:

  1. Select the Users tab and click “Create”.
  1.  Type in the email and name of the person you are inviting to create a profile. Then click Send.


  1. Once an invitation has been sent, this message will be displayed. 

An entry will also be added to the system users sections that shows the account is pending and it also gives an admin user the option to delete a pending request.

  1. The new pending user will receive the email below. After they click Sign Up they will be taken to a page to create their account.

There they will be asked to fill in their name, email,l and create their username and password. After they click create account, the account will be created and the new user can log in.

To change the settings of an existing user:

  1. To inactivate a user, click Inactivate next to the user type.


Once a user is inactivated they will no longer be able to access the account.

If a user tries to log into to an account after they are inactivated they will see:

Inactivated users will still show in the system users section but they will be grayed out.

B) To reactivate a user:

If a user was inactivated by mistake or an admin user wishes to reactivate them for any reason you can do so easily in the "users" section of the account.

To activate a user, click Activate next to their user type. 

After Inactivated users are Reactivated they will be able to access their account right away and will no longer be grayed in the Users sections of the account.

C) To switch user access:

Admin users can switch the access of any user on the account except the Primary Contact by clicking on their current access type and switching it to a different one. Each access has a description next to it that lets the person who is changing it know the difference between the two.

2 Types of Users

Normal users have the option to apply to boards, publish courses and add rosters. They can not manage users or changes settings on the account.

Admin users have the option to apply to boards, publish courses, add rosters, manage users and change settings.

The Primary contact will always have Admin access and will be tagged on the user management page with a "Primary Contact" tag.

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