These types of changes are something that we must assist you with. You will have to submit any requests to add professions to an existing course in writing.  You can send us an email at or you can initiate a live chat with one of our CE Experts (which will also count as a written request).

Information we need to make this change for you:

  • CE Broker Course Tracking Number (This number begins with 20-)
  • Course Name
  • List of professions that need to be added
  • Total Number of hours that should be awarded to the newly added professions

Once you have provided us with the above information via email or chat through our website, we will make those updates. 

**Note: Some boards require additional approval per profession when adding more professions to an existing approved course. If you know that your Board requires approval to add professions to approved courses, please reach out to that Board directly and request that they send you written approval allowing you to add said professions, and forward that approval letter to us with your request. Or request that the Board send over their Approval of the addition of these professions for your course directly to CE Broker.  

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