There are two scenarios where you may be needing to update the Primary Contact in your Provider Account.  

  • You have access to the Provider Account but you are not the primary contact and need to designate you or someone else as the primary.
  • You do not have access to the Provider Account at all and the person that did is no longer associated with your organization. 

Changing primary contact if you have access to the Provider Account

Once you are logged into your account, click on the name of your company at the top left.

On the Provider Account Details page locate the Primary Contact drop down menu.  

Click the menu and a list of users will appear.  

Designate the new primary contact by choosing from the drop down menu.

If the name of the person you would like to designate is not here because they have not been added to this account yet, follow the instructions below. 

Adding a new user to the account

From the Dashboard, click on Users

Click on the +Create button, enter in the user’s email address and full name, then click Send

This will send them an invitation to their email. 

Once the new user has accepted the invitation and created their username and password they will be added to the account. 

From here follow the above steps for designating a user as Primary, if necessary.

Changing the Primary Contact if unable to access the account

We will need you to email the following information to our Support Center at

  • A letter that must be on company letterhead.
  • Provider number.
  • Who the contact on the account is currently and who is taking over.
  • An email address for the person taking over.
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