SC Real Estate Commission & SC Real Estate Appraisers Board Educational Providers:  You will not enter/create new courses through the CE Broker System.  You will submit your courses directly to your Board and they will upload them to CE Broker for you. You will only be responsible for reporting course completions through CE Broker to licensees within 14 days of completion.

1. Log into your CE Broker Provider account and click on Courses.

2. Click on + New Course

3. Enter in the information required to set up a course per your Board.  This first page will prepare you with any pertinent information that will be necessary during the creation process.  

4. Click Next to continue with the creation.  Fill in the required information as you progress through the application and click Next until you get to the end where it will say Finish.  

If during the creation process the system automatically skips over a section, it simply means it is not required

*Note:  Depending on the Board, your courses may route for approval before you can offer them.  If this is the case, be sure to check on the status of your course periodically and ensure the Board is not requesting additional information from you.  

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