In many states, you can apply to become an Educational Provider directly through CE Broker's website.

Before filling out an application, you’ll want to know the different ways you can be approved by the board you're applying to. Many boards approve CE providers in multiple ways including Board Approved, Nationally Approved, and Rule Approved.

How to Apply to Become a Provider

1. Visit the main page of our website

2. Click Organizations

3. Click Providers

4. Select the State or Regulatory Agency of the Board you're applying to

5. Click Get Started

6. Select the specific Board 

7. Locate the link labeled View Application Requirements to review the ways you can apply to the board and the information/documentation necessary to complete the application

8. Click Register to begin the application process

Pro Tips:

Be prepared with everything you need for the application prior to clicking Register. Only finished applications will be saved.

During the approval period, check your account periodically to ensure the Board you applied to is not requesting any additional information. If the Board requires more information, you will receive an alert in your account Notifications. You can reply to the Board with the requested information from within your account.

Check your application status anytime by logging into your CE Broker Provider Account.


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