Georgia Board of Nursing Home Administrators: Requirements

Standard Renewal:

  • 40 Total Hours:
  • 6 hours of Professional Development/Integrity and/or Resident Rights
  • Must be in person
  • 3 hours of Emergency Preparedness
  • Must be live unless sponsored by the GA Department of Public Health, FEMA, or Georgia Healthcare Association
  • 31 hours of General
  • May include resident centered care and quality of life, gerontology and special populations, HR, finance/financial practice, financial integrity, leadership sills and management, ancillary services management/development, regulatory compliance, quality assurance.

First Renewal:

  • Licensed in the first year of the biennium: 20 hours in any combination of above categories.
  • Licensed in the second year of the biennium: No CE required.

Did You Know?

  • Maximum of 20 online hours per biennium
  • Resident Rights/Ethics cannot be online in any form
  • General hours can be done online if it is an NAB/NCERS approved course, or a course that is approved by another state board of nursing home administrators
  • No minimum hours
  • Partial credit is accepted
  • Cannot repeat courses within a biennium
  • Courses must be completed within the dates of the biennium. Courses from before the active biennium will not count.

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